Celebrating Warren’s life

The time has come to stop procrastinating and to do this blog entry as part of the process of honouring Warren Mobey, December 20 1954 – January 11 2009.

The news of Warren’s death may only now be reaching some of you through this post, because while Nik announced the news as a comment on the day it happened, it wouldn’t have reached you if you rely on RSS feeds.

On Tuesday January 20, coincidentally exactly a month after his birthday and on the same date as the inauguration of the new American president, we celebrated Warren’s life through a series of recollections and tributes, some music, and a slide show. I hope that those who did not speak will post their own comment on this site, so we can put together a more comprehensive picture of the person that was Warren. Continue reading


Survival Day – Year 2

Life has become a good deal more challenging since my first anniversary post. My mobility has been much reduced, I experience breathlessness, severe pain is a frequent problem and life is sometimes viewed through an opioid haze. I now get extensive help for most basic domestic tasks. In addition to the help from friends, we have been learning about a range of professional and volunteer services for providing assistance and health care in the home.

Fortunately, much of the deterioration has been relatively recent and, although the situation is dire, hope is not yet completely abandoned. Quantities of tears have been shed in a process which I hope is moving me toward greater reconciliation of past pain and disappointments.

So many people are doing their very best so that I should not want for anything and should stay as much as is possible in a positive frame of mind. It is quite difficult dealing with the physical aspects of the disease but life is by no means bereft of interest, friendship and discovery. Thanks so much to everyone.

Quick catch up

Having largely neglected the blog for so long, and having recently introduced posting from my mobile phone, I thought that I would now try a video entry. (An edited transcript appears below.)

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Home again

This short message not posted from my mobile phone at all.

I am now home again, just a couple of hours later than previously estimated.

sms post (No. 7)

Discharge from hospital now in progress so I should be home within an hour or two. (This short message posted from my mobile phone)

sms post (No. 6)

Appetite seems much improved. After taking cortisone for a few days breathlessness reduced. Pain control perhaps almost stable. (This short message posted from my mobile phone)

sms post (No. 5)

At the moment, it seems that I may be returning home from hospital on Friday or Monday. (This short message posted from my mobile phone)